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The ultimate automotive and lifestyle gaming experience, Test Drive Unlimited lets gamers race over more than 1000 miles of diverse, photo-realistic Hawaiian terrain with 90 licensed cars and bikes from the world's most exclusive manufacturers.

With a challenging single player game and host of online options enabling gamers to interact with thousands of others simultaneously, Test Drive Unlimited is racing reinvented.

The PC game has been painstakingly adapted and configured to get the very best out of the latest cutting edge PC hardware, allowing it to be played in extremely high resolution with the incredible effects taking the visuals of Test Drive Unlimited to a stunning new level.

No monthly subscription is required to play. Test Drive Unlimited redefines the racing genre: over 1000 miles of tropical Hawaiian roadways, instant challenges launched with a flash of the headlights, online functionality allowing thousands of gamers to play and up to 8 to race against each other, and much more.

New Hardcore Mode: Available in free-ride and multiplayer challenges, simulation mode will expand the experience for players looking for ultra-realistic driving for both cars and bikes.

For the cars, telemetric data shows the actual physics modelled on real life parameters (independent grip for each tyre, weight transfer with G-meter, suspension, etc).

Adapted to steering wheels and the standard controller, the hardcore mode shows drivers exactly where they succeed and where they need to improve, pushing their driving skills and the vehicles to the very limits

"the best game ever"

I love it its my favorite game ever I got so rapped up in it it was like my second life

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25 Sep 2015

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